Measurement Library for 3D Engines

Developed for WARGAMING.NET and used in pupular game WORLD OF TANKS

Your 3D Engine is slow and you can't understand why? GPU-PIPELINE BOTTLENECK are not a problem anymore!

Santa'S Universal Measurement Library is a very light and easy-to-use PlugIn for your 3D Application!

Lunch your application with our library and you'll have 3 running graphics and 3 different settable counters per each of them.
Finally you can measure your application comparing exact the data you want and then save to disk for futurer studies.

100% compatible with any DX9/10/OpenGL Application
Over 100 Counters
Add up to 9 different counters working at the same time in 3 different realtime trace-graph
Record datas from your measurement straight to a excel readable file
Set precision of measurement
Easy control interface